“Eternal Flame”

By Blake Kathryn x Score by Mariode.

Released – Feb 18, 2021

Collection – Four Winds Open Edition by Blake Kathryn

Edition of 319

“Blake Kathryn”
Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based visual artist. Her work balances between concept and commercial realms spanning across various industries including music, fashion and tech. Her subject matter touches upon themes of the subconscious, nature and vices iterated into lighthearted, dreamlike compositions. Blake’s work is recognized for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futurist aesthetic. She has collaborated with Adidas, Complex, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Lil Nas X & more

“Four Winds” invites you into a world ruled by the seasons. Four queens, each representing a specific season and a directional wind, share a castle from which they oversee a realm that reflects their own unique style and personality. Mora Borea, the north wind, the winter wind that bites. Zephone Brigita, the west wind, the gentle breeze of spring. Onye Nota, the south wind, the beating swelter of summer. Eurina Demisa, the east wind, the autumn gale of change. Taking turns with the seasons, the throne bows and shifts to their will during each queen’s tenure. Crowned in masks to represent their wind’s animal familiar, the queens flourish for their season, then perish at the sight of their successor; only to return again with the winds are in their favor. Four Winds. Four Queens. Four familiar masks. One throne. Which season will you find most bountiful?

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Eternal Flame – By Digital Artist Blake Kathryn