By Bryan Brinkman

Edition of 15

Collection – Flicker Fusion

Released – Jun 7, 2021

Bryan Brinkman releases Flicker Fusion on Nifty Gateway!
Bryan Brinkman is an award-winning multi-media artist who utilizes his career in animation and motion graphics to create fun and colorful works. Using a mix of traditional animation methods and digital tools, he creates playful and inventive ways to convey ideas that are both approachable and appealing.

Flicker Fusion Collection

This collection is an exploration of motion and the persistence of vision. Animation is a series of flashing images that create the illusion of life. This collection was built around that idea and deconstructing and rebuilding it into fantastical neon displays. Often referred to as “Onion Skins” we can see all the frames laid out as unlit tubes. Only when lit up and played in sequence do we get the full reveal.

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Swipe – Bryan Brinkman – Flicker Fusion – NFT Digital Art