Spring 2021

By Gab Bois

Released – Apr 22, 2021

Collection – Drop 01

Edition of 5

Gab Bois releases her debut NFT collection!

Born and based in Montreal, Gab Bois is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose practice focuses on photography.

Gab Bois has collaborated with Balenciaga, Nike, Reebok, Mercedes-Benz, Louboutin, Coach and more.

Her work masters the art of blurring the lines between real and simulated. She stages herself in evocative and powerful visual compositions where the spectator is exposed to the artist’s view of the social signs and symbols used in today’s hyperreal consumer society.

For her first entrance into the NFT space, Gab Bois took something literal – the ETH logo – and put her signature twist on it, bringing you into her creative world. Her work traditionally explores the convergence between the physical and the digital.

This NFT release is carbon-negative in partnership with Offsetra.

Gab Bois features some of the most unique work on NG to date. She incorporates elements of surreal with photography and visual arts. All of these themes are apparent in her ‘Drop 01’ collection

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SPRING 2021 – Gab Bois – NFT Digital Art