Released – Apr 29, 2021
Collection – PERFECT MACHINE by Krewella x Sasha Vinogradova
Krewella teams up with designer Sasha Vinogradova for their first ever NFT release!
Can the divine only be accessed offline? Do the infinite connections and influx of digital stimuli seduce us further away from our humanness? Or is there a glimmer of hope in the bottomless pit of the internet, a key that cracks the code to unlocking our selves, and our connection to the whole? Perfect Machine examines the existentially arduous quest of seeking one’s inner truth and the meaning of life, while being psychically & energetically bound to the digital ecosystem for the answers.
As intuitive, curious, emotionally linked sisters co-creating together, our artistic vision is most often birthed from exploring the paradoxical nature of life. Following a decade-long career of touring internationally and recording music, the 4 original tracks featured in Perfect Machine emerged from writing and producing in complete isolation together during the pandemic.
With the deep appreciation we have for Krewella’s platform and reach, collaborating with diverse and underrepresented talent is an increasingly important aspect of our role in the music industry & culture. In search of a visual artist to bring our sci-fi spiritual vision to life, we scoured the internet, and are enthused to be teaming up with Sasha Vinogradova, a Los Angeles based 3D artist and illustrator, and fellow woman in a male-dominated crypto-culture.
We are independent, self-funded artists, who value autonomy and artistic empowerment. As we make our debut in the NFT community, we recognize there are challenges that come with a technological renaissance, and strive to continue learning about the impacts and solutions so we can evolve with it mindfully. It is humbling to have an outlet to exercise our creative freedom in an environment where fans of art & music can be a part of our experience, and share ownership. It’s an honor to present our first ever NFT project through Nifty, who has pledged to become carbon negative this year and plan on adapting their minting system to substantially cut gas fees.
Sasha Vinogradova
This series is made of 4 digital sculptures, a visual interpretation of Krewella’s amazing music. All 4 pieces live in the same world, combining organic, real, feminine with digital, artificial and futuristic. This series is intended to be a visual metaphor of our current reality. What is the most important, precious and worth protecting? What is real? How do we change, evolve and still stay ourselves? We tried to reflect on the current state of the world, combining the incompatible, tech and digital vs natural and sensual.
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$1000 - Price Subject to Change

DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD – NFT Art by Krewella x Sasha Vinogradova – 67