Moving Parts – 3

By Louis De Guzman

Edition of 20

Released – Jun 2, 2021

Moving Parts – 3 by Louis De Guzman. Breaking out of your box and challenging yourself in aligning with the moments that will elevate and define your current perspective. Reflecting on your passion and purpose.

Louis De Guzman is a Chicago-based visual artist and designer who creates artwork that merges his past with his present. Over the last decade De Guzman has proved himself as a true multidisciplinary artist by blending both traditional and experimental techniques in his work. His signature geometric abstraction style often blends together images and stories that represent his family’s immigrant journey, as well as his own experience as a second generation Filipino American. De Guzman’s career has led him to create well-received original bodies of work as well as interpretations of licensed intellectual property.

Louis De Guzman has been able to create bodies of work that consist of sculptures, limited edition collectibles, fine art prints, paintings, home goods, and apparel. The range of work has allowed him to collaborate with personalities and brands including New Balance, SpongeBob Squarepants, J Balvin, Footlocker, BBC Ice Cream and more.

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Moving Parts 3 – Louis De Guzman – NFT Digital Art