Heart of the Mountain

By Monstercat

Edition of 109

Released – Jan 27, 2021

The crystalline cavern shaped after eons of tectonic shifts could just as well be lined with diamonds as ancient ice. These are the Lost Civilization’s perilous mountains, inspiring a piece that captures their majesty. The howl of sub-freezing winds is an auditory compass. Guiding to a source of strength, the endpoint is a reward for an arduous journey. As the destination is reached, night falls, and the sky illuminates with the realization that the stars have never been this close before.

ORIGINS by Giant Swan x Monstercat
Giant Swan x Monstercat release 2 MINUTE open editions!
Monstercat and Giant Swan team up to create the Origins Collection. Combining Giant Swan’s creative interpretation of Monstercat’s Lost Civilization with audio produced by platinum record producer Varien, we are proud to invite you into our world.

Gian Swan
Giant Swan is an intuitive communicator using modern technology to craft a new experiential language. A pioneer in VR expression, he creates undiscovered environments that miraculously evoke the emotions of familiar landscapes and settings. A master of his tools who embraces both beauty and imperfection, he presents colourful points of view that showcase what can be seen and what is felt from each perspective. A truly unique talent in a burgeoning artistic space, Giant Swan’s abilities are the perfect match for the rich lore surrounding Monstercat’s Lost Civilization.

Monstercat is an Electronic record label responsible for bringing artists to the global stage whilst revolutionizing how various art forms are made and experienced. Co-founded by CEO Mike Darlington and CSO Ari Panounen, Monstercat champions artist sustainability as its mission while maintaining core values of community, curiosity, tenacity, integrity.

Backed by impassioned employees, driven artists, and the dedication of fans worldwide, Monstercat proves that independent labels have the ability to reshape and reimagine the music and art landscape. Empowering a creative and passionate community through innovation. Community • Curiosity • Tenacity • Integrity

The company proudly joins the world of NFTs, with its first offerings showcasing the grand biomes of its Lost Civilization. The pieces embrace Monstercat’s spirit of discovery, exploring the importance of history, and realizing the potential of the unknown. With a worldwide community that thrives when its members find their own paths to success, Canada’s award-winning label welcomes you to the family.

The Lost Civilization is Monstercat’s origin story, a mysterious island where music, artists, visuals, and brand unite to collaboratively celebrate the power of Community. Each region, or Biome, of the island has had its story told on Monstercat’s compilation album artworks and through enigmatic video animations across Monstercat’s digital channels.

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Heart of the Mountain – MonsterCat x Giant Swan – NFT Digital Art