By Pak x Trevor Jones

Edition of 457

The Collision Collection

Pak is an omniscient designer/developer/wizard, one of the leads of the design scene as the founder of Undream and one of the prominent social media figures as the creator of Archillect, the synthetic curator. Pak is currently at uncharted space experimenting with new forms of creation and communication, discovering, learning and teaching along the journey.

Tevor Jones
Trevor Jones is a Scotland based artist. He is undoubtedly one of the leading artists in the crypto art medium. He primarily makes paintings and animates them afterwards. After graduating from Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art in 2008, he set out to constantly innovate. The NFT medium was and is a perfect fit for him. He has pushed the medium so far forward and has been a key artist in our journey towards mainstream adoption.

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Extrusion – Pak x Trevor Jones