Outer Sunset

By Tycho is the audio visual project of Scott Hansen, aka ISO50

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Tycho is the audio visual project of Scott Hansen, aka ISO50

Sunset Beach, Hawaii – 21.664770, -158.057569 Tranquillity lies at the center. There is nothing quite as comforting and peaceful as sunset on a gently swaying ocean. I captured these images floating on a surfboard off the shore of one of my favorite beaches in the world near Bonzai Pipeline. The water had a satin sheen and was ablaze in the sun’s fading glow. The music is a melancolie lullabye basking in the warm memories of summer in my youth. 977 – Last three digits of my birth year

Scott Hansen has spent the past two decades creating visual art as ISO50 and music as Tycho. You can think of ISO50 as an operating system and Tycho as a product of the process design within that system. His portfolio – iso50.com – offers a lens into the past, present and future of TYCHO : ISO50. Tycho has long been drawn to the intersection of sound and imagery and has spent his career creating work that seamlessly melds the two. His first NFT collection – Element – showcases his multifaceted ability to channel memories and environments through unreleased musical compositions and animations. Tycho has twice received Grammy nominations for Best Dance/Electronic album while under the ISO50 moniker has received many accolades including the FWA award. Photography, design and music by Scott Hansen. Animations in collaboration with Michael McAfee.

Both a created art and design work under the name ISO50. Tycho, crafting not only the music but the visual aspects as well, from album covers to concert posters. Previously a freelance graphic designer. Scott Hansen tells us “The technology was what I was interested in, that was a gateway for me. My visual work always held more weight because I felt like I was more practiced at it.”

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Outer Sunset – TYCHO – ISO50 – NFT Digital Art