Released – Mar 22, 2021
Collection Vantage x Polygon1993: Digital Destiny by Vantage & Polygon
Vantage and Polygon team up for a special NFT project!
‘Beyond the blackest of screens lie the most ethereal beings.’
Digital destiny is an invitation to a trip where the backdrop is the future of humans in a completely virtual society, a futuristic world where everything is connected and linked together. Polygon and Vantage reflect on where humans stand in a post-digital era, a world where real beings leave place to virtual entities, intangible and decentralized, a world governed by validator nodes that guarantee stable communication between all poles of the tangible world, a world seemingly idyllic where everyone is linked at all times. Though the different pieces of this series, we follow the evolution of humankind into these digital beings, made of lines, glitches and code. All these big themes allow us to reflect on the future of humankind and the solutions to the big crises that we are to be faced with. Turning to the virtual world seems to be the only way in a divided and weakened world.
A percentage of the proceeds from the Digital Destiny NFT sales will be donated to Carbon 180, a NGO dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.
First emerging onto the scene in 2015 with a four-track EP, French-born but Osaka-based producer, Vantage has spent the years since cultivating an immersive world at the intersection of sound and technology. Channelling a sound that has been coined as ‘future funk’, Vantage uses a range of analogue synths and instruments to create his distinctive tone. He dropped his second album J-Funk City in 2019. With a belief that the music and imagery should do the talking, Vantage has created an immersive world to coincide with his music, a dystopian futuristic urban universe, “Metro City”. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, the visuals are all inextricably linked with Vantage’s life, drawing on personally involved feelings and memories including favourite old animé cartoons and animation filmed from the 80s and 90s. With his recently re-released ‘50//50’ already becoming a viral hit and finding an audience on a global scale, Vantage is set to put out his debut major label EP in 2021 via Parlophone / Atlantic Records.
Polygon is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France. When imperfection acts as a driving force for art and analog technology stands alongside digital evolution, the past, the present and the future are one. Polygon brings us into a glitch universe that represents his daily life; a distorted world where reality and imagination mingle. He is passionate about visual art and draws his creative strength from the 80s & 90s culture,
exploring the infinite possibilities of creation using analog synths and video processors. Not only a film director, he is also a media scenographer and a visual artist. Heavily involved in the music scene, he collaborated with artists such as Tame Impala, Charli XCX, Bring Me The Horizon & Grimes and more whether it is for their live visuals, music videos or even artworks.
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