Released – Mar 20, 2021

Collection – Chain Reaction NFT Crypto Art Exhibition

Edition of 50

Ash ‘WOLFDOG’ Hayner
From a young age, Atlanta-based Ash Hayner has been a visual artist. Hayner, who goes by the moniker Wolfdog, began his career as a graphic designer, and has progressively distilled his visual language to the bare necessities of color, line, form, value and texture, crafting images that merge the fundamental characteristics of expressionism with his personal interpretation of technological layering. An accomplished designer, Hayner has exhibited works in both public and private settings across the East Coast.

ABV Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with a focus on the New Contemporary movement working with over 500+ artists from around the globe. The 1,200 square foot gallery space located in the heart of Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward district has been home to hundreds of art exhibitions, pop-up events and brand activations.

ABV Gallery Show
ABV Gallery and Nifty Gateway join forces to bring to life one of the first physical NFT group exhibitions. “Chain Reaction,” features 20 artists from around the globe releasing new work on 20 physical screens in the gallery. For more information and to set up an appointment to view the show visit: Exhibition was on view in the gallery March 20th – 28th, 2021, in Atlanta, GA.

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