Reed koi dances with spirit.

By Calvin Harris x Emil Nava

Edition of 78

Released – Mar 29, 2021

Calvin Harris
TECHNOFISH is a collection of 5x NFT artworks from producer Calvin Harris and director Emil Nava. The body of work is the latest collaboration in their ongoing friendship and creative relationship, spanning 20 videos, artworks, awards and live shows over almost a decade.

For Harris, the medium of NFTs is the latest in a continuum of his interest in the intersection of art and technology, one that started when he began using his Amiga console to make music in the late 90’s. TECHNOFISH takes Harris back to those roots for an all encompassing experience.

For Nava, the fish is a lifelong thematic element born from Nava’s father who was a Mexican fisherman turned artist and the image of a fish figures prominently throughout his body of work. Nava grew up seeing this image and his fathers work as constant inspiration for so many of his thoughts.

Harris and Nava have come together many times for their joint love of nature and these pieces link this concept with exclusive never been heard before music from Calvin and surreal art from Emil. TECHNOFISH.

Working with decarbonization advisor, Aerial, a portion of the proceeds from the TECHNOFISH collection will be allocated to high quality forest conservation projects verified by American Carbon Registry and to emerging technologies such as Charm industrial that capture carbon from biomass waste and permanently store it underground.

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TechnoFish 1 – NFT Digital Art by Calvin Harris