My dark twisted fantasy

By DotPigeon

Edition of 165

Released – Mar 6, 2021

Collection – My dark twisted fantasy open edition by DotPigeon

DotPigeon launched its first solo show and simultaneously its NFT drop. For the first time a traditional art show will have a meaningful digital correspondent. It’s not just a website where you can see and eventually buy the artworks of the exhibition. Indeed all artworks, while remaining the same, are completely different. In the physical show they have different sizes, they feature contemporary artworks and, obviously, they are not animated. They are all have the same size (2024 x 2700px), they are animated and they feature crypto artworks.

Inspired by the complexity of its own nature, DotPigeon’s artworks are built on a multi-level game based on symbolism, references and facets that only a keen eye will catch. The first level of the artworks is the one of the location, that is based on luxurious and well furnished apartments, which symbolically represent the external shell of our personality, what everyone sees, but above all what we decide to show.

Apparently immaculate houses that DotPigeon decides on one hand to enrich with a selection of crypto artworks while on the other hand he decides to stain with bad words, messages hidden in the titles of books, objects recalling violence, fallen plants or messy sofas. And it is so that the more attention and interest the viewer dedicates into observing the artwork, the more he discovers details that he missed at the first glance. It is precisely in this space that the riot character acts: a rebel, an anarchic, an anti-conformist who transforms those places into his playground, into the dimension in which he can escape, destroy and damage, probably unaware of the fact that he is trapped too in that same reality in which he has decided to hide.

A big thank you to all artists that gave permission to include their artworks: Adam Rosol, Alex Manrique, Alotta Money, ARC, Steven Baltay, Carlos Marcial, David McLeod, Fewocious, Goldweard, Jon Noorlander, Perry Cooper, RAC, Mankind, Six n Five, Skygolpe, Twisted Vacancy.

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My dark twisted fantasy – DotPigeon – NFT Digital Art