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Released – Apr 20, 2021

Collection – LOTUS Open Edition by Victor Mosquera

Victor Mosquera
LOTUS Open Edition by Victor Mosquera
Victor Mosquera drops 3 min open edition on Nifty Gateway!
Victor Mosquera is a Vancouver, B.C. based artist creating works influenced by psychedelia and the ethereal intersection between consciousness and the subliminal. His unique and immediately recognizable style lead him to work on a series of AAA games with Ubisoft including Watchdogs Legion, FarCry 5 & Starlink. In concert with his work in the video game world he has been called upon to lend his artistic vision to a number of musical projects, including working with Willo Perron on the visuals for Kid Cudi’s 2019 Coachella performance, working closely with Grammy-nominated electronic duo Odesza on the identity for their destination festival Sundara and numerous projects for their label/creative agency Foreign Family Collective. He has also worked with The New York Times on the cover of their Rabbit Hole Podcast, Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, Scientific American, GJones and Dirty Heads, among others.

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Wounded – Victor Mosquera – NFT Digital Art