Modern Living


Edition of 105

Released – Mar 31, 2021

FAILE is the New York based collaboration of artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Considered as early pioneers in the global street art movement, their focus centers around studio driven painting, printmaking, large-scale installations and public commissions. Their process-based approach through making is most notable in their works on wood, silkscreen printing, ceramic tiles and arcade art populated by an iconic cast of figures that build on design and craft traditions. These explorations of duality, both fantastic and provocative have, over two decades, pushed the boundaries of their genre.

FAILE have exhibited in streets, galleries, museums and non-traditional venues throughout the world, including solo exhibitions at The Brooklyn Museum (2015), New York’s Time Square (2015), Dallas Contemporary (2013), New York City Ballet’s Art Series at Lincoln Center (2013) and the Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art (2018). Notable past group exhibitions include the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art (2007), Central Academy of Fine Art Museum Beijing (2016), Museum of Contemporary Art SanDiego (2013) and the Tate Modern (2008).

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Modern Living – NFT Digital Art by FAILE