Victor and Victoria


Edition of 793

This collection was created by 4 artists – FEWOCiOUS x parrott_ism x Odious x Jonathan Wolfe

Four artists from four completely different backgrounds have joined forces on the first completely collective nifty gateway show, to bring you stories from their fabricated fairytale. Each artist has a very distinct style but ultimately what they have created together is one, a collaborative effort across the board with ideas built from the ground up. They have been working closesly with the nifty team over the last couple of months to make sure this drop is one to remember. Challenges were faced and solutions were put in place, nothing was preventing these artists from achieveing their goal.

This project has developed into something much more than the art, these individual artists have formed forever friendships and will continue to work closely alongside eachother in the future ahead. Every little detail has been mapped out, the focus has always been collaboration and community and hopefully this is transparent when looking at the drop.

This group wanted to strip the physical aspect down to it’s core, and in doing so have created what I can only describe as a homegrown passion filled figure that will only land in 15 collections around the world. Everything from the character design down to physical painting on the figures has been achieved by themselves and themselves only, this is history for the digital art space, four artists working together pushing the idea of community, collaboration and friendship.

The title of the group show |Fabricated Fairy Tales| touches upon the reality that practitioners of creative skills have more often than not worked in groups without a hierarchy with the strict intention to propel the arts forward. The four artists exhibiting in this collection exemplify the idea of community so often talked about in the NFT space. These creators did much more than ‘collaborate’ on this project. They pushed, challenged and helped each other so that everyone felt that in the end, this was their best work. We’re so happy to showcase a collection that demonstrates the pillars of community we all value in the NFT space!

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This NFT Digital Art originated from Nifty Gateway

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Victor and Victoria – NFT Digital Art by FEWOCiOUS