City Hand

City Hand by FEWOCiOUS x Two Feet

Released Feb 14, 2021

Collection My Head In Your Hands

Edition of 324

FEWOCiOUS is an 18 year old artist, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada who discovered their love of art in middle school due to being bored in class. FEWOCiOUS decided to draw caricatures of their peers to pass the time. Their art has become a way for them to process growing up and serves an alternate form of journaling.

Two Feet
Two Feet is a platinum-certified multi-instrumentalist and recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. Streamed over 2 billion times as of 2021, triumphant on stage everywhere from Governors Ball to Austin City Limits, the #1 Alternative Radio songwriter born Bill Dess has impressively developed a massive worldwide fanbase just a few short years into his career. In addition to his musical prowess, Bill is an avid illustrator who regularly draws and paints in his spare time. Illumino is a collective of tastemakers helping artists create and collaborate in the world of digital art. Founded by crypto experts, tastemakers, and artists, Illumino is bringing highly elevated art on-chain. Illumino’s mission is to push the boundaries and possibilities in digital art while working with the best in the world to do so. We are proud to present our first official collaboration and release “Two Feet x FEWOCiOUS.”

The Illumino Presents: Two Feet X FEWOCiOUS release, “My Head In Your Hands” is the collaborative effort between two outstanding artists pushing the boundaries of their creative mediums. After discovering FEWOCiOUS’ portfolio while exploring the world of digital art, Two Feet was captivated by their work. Serendipitously, FEWOCiOUS happened to be a long time fan of Two Feet and the two decided to collaborate on several pieces of audiovisual artwork. Two Feet wrote and recorded the music for the pieces in addition to drawing the 2d versions of the hand/head. FEWOCiOUS’ playful style added a colorful, vibrant spin to the drawings while bringing the collection to life with their eccentric animations.

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City Hand – FEWOCiOUS x Two Feet – NFT Digital Art