By Gary Cartlidge

Edition of 65

Collection – Cyberpop Icons Open Editions by Gary Cartlidge

Released – Apr 1, 2021

Gary Cartlidge
You are becoming a bright yet stagnant icon in time. Don’t stall while the illness consumes, choose who you want to be.

Once street artist turned Graphic Designer & digital artist, confirmed cryptoart OG since 2018 making a firm print in this history. Not bound to 1 style, always asking questions and giving answers in any form necessary via visual communication. I wanted this collection to be playful, colorful but have an undertone probe around the question of our time. Both with a reference to Covid masks and anonymity with digital reference. The idea you can be whatever you want but lose yourself, glitching skin annotates a sense of losing history in the characters used but also a sense of illness. Both intentional to Covid and digital isolation/rabbit hole.

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Mozop – NFT Digital Art by Gary Cartlidge