Language Lobus

By Gary Cartlidge

Edition of 11

Gary Cartlidge releases debut collection Transgressio Portals on Nifty Gateway!

Gary Cartlidge
Once street artist turned Graphic Designer & digital artist, confirmed cryptoart OG since 2018 making a firm print in this history. Not bound to 1 style, always asking questions and giving answers in any form necessary via visual communication.

Each piece represents a part of my brain. From small sections of language and image recognition to small memories. The doorways act as ports between each section, digitally representing a link but with a sense of isolation in this time.

When you look at the art of Gary Cartlidge, you’ll notice two things: grittiness and exquisite refinement. Gary has managed to combine the raw grittiness of his street art days with the beautifully elegant refinement of his years spent as a digital artist. The result is distinctly Gary Cartlidge and we couldn’t be more excited to share his first ever release on Nifty Gateway with everyone.

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Language Lobus – By NFT Digital Artist Gary Cartlidge