Elysia in Collaboration with Android Jones

By Glass Crane

Edition of 333

Glass Crane
Glass Crane is the pseudonym of Steven McCorry, an American digital artist and VJ. He works primarily in 3D, using a variety of bleeding-edge software and techniques to create mind-bending psychedelic images and surreal animations.

As a self-taught graphic designer, Steven worked for several years as an independent commercial artist, creating branding, merchandise, and album artwork for a variety of popular musical artists, record labels, and businesses.

Today, he focuses on pushing the boundaries of digital art, learning and practicing new techniques, collaborating with other visionary artists, and creating unique artworks for digital art collectors.

Since minting his first NFT on the blockchain via SuperRare in 2020, Glass Crane has been an early and active participant in the ever-growing NFT space and a fervent advocate of the crypto art movement.
Glass Crane uses a variety of digital mediums to craft visually arresting and otherworldly realms, with his upmost artistic values placed on transparency, peace, and love for man-kind, Glass Crane ushers forward a sense of wonder and exploration of inner-space as well as an altered sense of reality.

You remember that you have a face. You dare to blink; a lifetime of objects and symbols materialize before you, blinding and radiant in a gossamer heap. A figure takes shape amidst the wreckage. Her gaze is warm and cleansing as she whispers: “You’re almost home.” – Glass Crane

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AEONIAN by NFT Digital Artist Glass Crane