French Drop

By Gramatik X DarkPxl

Released – May 21, 2021


Edition of 50

Gramatik’s real name Denis Jašarević, has released thirteen albums, four EPs, numerous original scores, singles, and remixes all for free. In 2013, he established his own record label, Lowtemp, allowing him to further realize his idea of music being a free medium. Following a long history of file sharing with his music, Gramatik released his entire discography in partnership with BitTorrent. Gramatik has been a long-time supporter of blockchain technology, participating in a multitude of crypto projects over the last decade and establishing himself as a leading advocate for blockchain’s potential to revolutionize the music industry and the artist-fan relationship.

If you’ve ever been to one of my shows, the visuals you saw on the LED walls were created by my old friend @DarkPxl. He also designs my stage rigs and runs the visuals manually himself. We decided to build a collection that recreates the energy of what we’ve been doing together live for the past 10 years. Representing five of the many sub-genres I love, these artworks stand as an audiovisual celebration of that same visceral energy. That indescribable, yet incomparable emotion you experience when a bass-heavy drop accompanied by high-intensity visuals hits you in the face while standing in a sea of 20k+ people at a festival like Electric Forest. These are EDM drops within NFT drops – IT’S DROPCEPTION! 🤯😂

CINEMATIK COLLECTION and The G Drops Collection! Gramatik has been in the crypto community for a while now and has always been forward thinking in the potential of blockchain technology. His entrance into the NFT space seemed inevitable and we are thrilled it will be taking place on NG again.

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French Drop – NFT Digital Art by Gramatik x DarkPxl