By Halsey

Edition of 171

Released – Mar 17, 2021

Collection – People disappear here by Halsey

Halsey presents her first NFT collection ‘People Disappear Here’
Halsey is a multi-hyphenate creative, known best for her multi-platinum recording career as a singer and songwriter. In addition to her musical talents, Halsey is a gifted visual artist who painted the cover of her New York Times Bestselling book of poetry I Would Leave Me If I Could in 2020, became the first artist to paint live on SNL in 2019, and released a time-lapse video of herself painting a larger than life replica of her Manic album cover in 2019 that now has over 28 million views on Youtube.

Halsey’s debut NFT collection entitled ‘People Disappear Here’ features individual animations of all seven characters from one of her paintings come to life in 3D set to an eerie soundtrack, as well as an animation of the original painting in full.

Halsey says of the collection “The characters are all inspired by figures that occurred in a series of sleep paralysis nightmares I had at home during the quarantine. After seven years of bed surfing hotel rooms around the world, adjusting to my own pitch black cave in California had a little bit of a learning curve. From toddler TV programming evil dentists, a child born with massive claws who scratched her way out of the womb, to a woman who stood at the foot of my bed and demanded I watch her masturbate. They were memorable to say the least. I’m excited to be sharing them in a space that prioritizes artist integrity, and in a market that perpetuates the value of intellectual property.”

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