Cyber Soul

By Hipworth x Carl Cox

Edition of 118

Released – Jan 15, 2021

Collection – Carl Cox Live Open Edition

Hipworth is a digital artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia who has worked with global brands such as Redbull, Carl Cox, Opera Victoria, Pioneer DJ and Bush Records to name a few. His style combines collage, illustration, graphic design and 3D which he combines into rich textured landscapes that explore surreal and organic themes. As a crypto artist Hipworth has published NFTs on MakersPlace, Nifty Gateway, Block Party and SuperRare. He has been featured in some of the first physical and virtual NFT exhibitions including Future Art (Sydney). Virtual Niche (Beijing), Kollectiv Founder Drop and Orchestra of Crickets (CryptoVoxels)
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This NFT Digital Art Originated on Nifty Gateway

Price $1400 – Subject to Change

Cyber Soul – NFT Digital Art by Hipworth x Carl Cox