Genesis .001

By Micah Johnson

Aku: The Moon God Collection

Edition of 1402

Micah Johnson
It’s not often you hear a Major League Baseball player trading in his bat for a paint brush but that is exactly what Micah Johnson did in 2018. What started as a way to escape the anxiety and pressure of playing a professional sport has turned into a full-time vocation. His works that feature strong gestural charcoal lines complemented with subtle vibrant colors have been collected throughout the world.

This is the first chapter in a journey that will take Aku across the universe to meet inspiring people, see amazing places, and learn that there are no limits on his dreams.

When Aku’s journey is complete, each NFT will be compiled to form one story, one adventure, one kid who realized he had no limits to his dreams.

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Genesis .001 – NFT Art by Micah Johnson