By Monstercat

Edition of 140

Collection – Constellation Pack

Released – Jan 27, 2021

One day, as Crab was busy planning his next trick, a pair of Sea Turtles got to work on their own. Carefully they laid a trap for Crab. With a bit of driftwood and the help of High Tide, the Sea Turtles watched as Crab was swiftly carried far out to sea, knowing it would be some time before he returned to their beach.

Backed by impassioned employees, driven artists, and the dedication of fans worldwide, Monstercat proves that independent labels have the ability to reshape and reimagine the music and art landscape. Empowering a creative and passionate community through innovation. Community • Curiosity • Tenacity • Integrity

Monstercat is an independent Electronic record label responsible for bringing artists to the global stage whilst revolutionizing how various art forms are made and experienced. Co-founded by Mike Darlington and CSO Ari Paunonen, Monstercat champions artist sustainability as its mission while maintaining core values of community, curiosity, tenacity, and integrity.

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Serpent – NFT Digital Artist Monstercat