Green Parrot Island

By Roger Dean

Released Mar 16, 2021

Collection – Allurium by Roger Dean

Edition of 777

Roger Dean
This painting was first published as the cover of the 2013 Yes box set ‘The Studio Years 1969-1987”The subject of the painting is the rock formation in the distance. There were a couple of paintings that were just details from this formation, made in fact, before I had conceived of the complete structure. At the time of making them, I was fiercely curious of what lay just to the left or just to the right of the paintings, clearly they were part of a bigger structure and in fact part of a world where these structures were a given.’ – RD

Legendary painter Roger Dean brings his surreal landscapes to the NFT space! Artist, designer and multi-media pioneer, Roger Dean was born in England in 1944. He is internationally renowned for his album cover designs, posters, books, and his extensive work in video games and publishing.With more than 100 million copies of Roger Dean’s images having been sold around the world, Roger is known for his timeless and iconic album art for multi-platinum selling bands Yes, Asia, and dozens of others. He is also famous for his eco architectural, furniture and stage designs, along with his typefaces, logos and legendary designs for the computer games company Psygnosis, as well as his logo work for Virgin Records, Tetris and Yes.

His recent apparel design collaboration with The Mens Spring Summer 2020 show with Valentino proves that Roger is continuously pushing the envelope with his creative expression.His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal College of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the New York Culture Center and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. In 2002 Dean was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and in 2009 Arts University Bournemouth made him an Honorary Fellow. He received a Gold Badge of Merit from BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) in 2013.

Pilot of a thousand dreams, inventor of land, sea and skyscapes that have become the visual identities of iconic bands such as Yes, (Tales From Topographical Oceans) Asia, AWBH and Downes, Braide Association Designer of stamps, logos, (including that of Tetris – Virgin Music, Yes) books, eco buildings, furniture and most of all those dreamscapes as album/cassette covers, posters, books and billboards that have passed beneath the eyes of millions and are now and forever a part of their visual memory. Curiously seeking adventure and fun, he is exploring the digital universe with his first three NFT drops, Floating Islands, Inland Sea and Parrot Island are three uniquely mesmerizing and alluring images, now captured and delivered as a digital drop.

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Green Parrot Island – NFT Digital Art by Roger Dean