The Bitcoin Angel

By Trevor Jones

Edition of 4157

Trevor Jones is a renowned painter and crypto artist. He originally graduated from Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art with an MA (Hons) Fine Art with distinction in 2008. Shortly after, he was hired as the Director of Art in Healthcare, a not-for-profit providing art workshops for people with disabilities as well as lending high quality, original Scottish artwork from it’s prestigious collection to hospitals and other healthcare settings throughout the country.

As the crypto art space has taken off, so has Trevor Jones’ career. He has become one of the most successful and renowned artists in the space – NG is thrilled to welcome him back for his ‘FROM PALETTE TO CANVAS’ collection, his first since the legendary ‘Picasso’s Bull’ collection in 2020.
Trevor seems to always bring something new to the table with his releases. Of course, ‘FROM PALETTE TO CANVAS’ is no different. Not only does Trevor feature a unique open edition mechanism, but also an opportunity to win a commission for Trevor to draw a portrait either of them or a loved one. Everyone who has an open edition Bitcoin Angel in their wallet when Bitcoin hits $77,777 will be entered into the draw. We have never seen anything like it before on NG and are thrilled that Trevor will be the first.

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The Bitcoin Angel – NFT Digital Art by Trevor Jones