By Vexx x MRE

Edition of 248

Released – Apr 16, 2021

Collection – DOODLES Vol. 1

Vexx is one of the most recognized visual artists of his generation. A self-taught creative working out of Belgium, he started his signature doodle style at 16 years old. Now at 22, he has an Instagram following of 840K, with over 2.9M subscribers on YouTube. His clients include Porsche, Puma, Converse, Samsung, RedBull, Amazon Prime, AJ Tracey, Stormzy and he has been featured in Complex, NTWRK, and the cover of Time Out NY’s expose on NYC Street art.

DOODLES Vol. 1 is Vexx’s first step in NFT world. He is excited to be part of the community and has big plans for the future.

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Reborn – NFT Digital Art by Vexx x MRE