The Gift

By Parrott_ism

Edition of 39

Released – May 3, 2021

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Nathaniel Parrott
Parrott_ism dropped his first-ever collection ‘Sentinel’ on Nifty Gateway!
parrott_ism is at heart a story-teller. Using different mediums together to bring the inner-worlds out. He blends psychedelia, images of potential human futures and ethos of distant pasts into one, taking the observer through a range of nostalgia, hope, longing and resolution.

As an early adapter of the NFT art community, parrott_ism transports us to an unknown world with his work. His high-level graphics are nothing short of brilliant, and we are happy to support his first solo drop.

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$1500 - Price Subject to Change

The Gift – NFT Digital Art by Parrot_ism