By Paul Milinski

Edition of 65

By Paul Milinski

Released – May 12, 2021

Collection – The Reverie Collection

Paul Milinski
With a desire to explore new frontiers with escapist utopias, Paul draws on this as inspiration to create imagery that is influencing current and upcoming generations. Paul’s work has received worldwide acclaim on various digital platforms, such as Vogue and Complex, and he has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, such as Cartier. His work inspires change within the world of design and is studied by students across the globe. He believes that people will always want to experience something unique and exciting. For this to happen, boundaries must be pushed, and the status quo constantly challenged. The Reverie Collection is a body of work that takes you into Paul’s unique mind and shows the world as he sees it.

Paul is a master of juxtaposition, and as a result of this, he shows us dimensions never seen before. Through the leaking light of the tress, Paul’s work will leave you in pure reverie.

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Riverbed – NFT Digital Art by Paul Milinski