Satoshi Explodes

By NFT Digital Artist Jon Noorlander

Edition of 72

Released – Apr 29, 2021

Jon Noorlander
Jon Noorlander is a 3D digital artist originally hailing from Sweden. Originally planning on becoming an architect, Jon discovered 3D technology around 20 years ago and fell in love with it. Today, he is a Creative Director at Method Studios in NYC and has countless viral videos of his work online. His banana exploding head (up for auction) is Jon’s most famous artwork. It has 34 million views on TikTok! Who will be the owner of it in its tokenized form?

Artist and ART DIRECTOR. Committed 2 love and the 1 – 4 the people. Neon cosmic wave rider, who explores the realm of digital and physical art. Early crypoartist and creator of #NFT worlds – Founder of NFT ART COM and ENCODE Graphics

Collection – This large-scale collaboration of a total of 14 artists marks a milestone of the NFT ART COM project, which will extend over 3 years and deal with CryptoArt and its chronicles in an interdisciplinary approach. In the center of this first double release on the #1 platform Nifty Gateway is the architect Satoshi Nakamoto and his myth. Why this particular one was chosen can be read on

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This NFT Digital Art Originated on Nifty Gateway

$1500 - Price Subject to Change

Satoshi Explodes – NFT Digital Art by Jon Noorlander x PR1MAL CYPHER