Dark Classic – Palermo

By Simone Vezzani

Released – Oct 22, 2020

Collection – Dark Classic by Simone Vezzani

Edition of 15

Simone Vezzani
Italian 3D artist Simone Vezzani releases “Dark Classic” collection!
Simone Vezzani is an Italian Senior 3D Artist. Always passionate about gaming, since 2014 he has dedicated himself full time to the study of 3D art and its possible applications. Within a few years he mastered the most popular 3D modeling and animation software, experimenting with the use of video tracking and VFX. Between 2018 and 2020 the growing social popularity of his videos, together with the disruptive style of his animations, earned him the attention and requests for collaborations with prestigious international brands, including, Warner Music, Universal Music, Valentino Garavani, Riot Games and Bode-Museum in Berlin. In 2019, the London BBC Click show dedicated an exclusive television service to him, broadcasted worldwide. Today, he actively collaborates with Delumen multimedia studio in Modena (Italy) and continues his path as an independent digital artist.

Dark Classic is a journey. A personal journey experienced traveling through a post lockdown Italy during a pandemic. Palermo, Venice and Florence are the 3 main cities subjects of this travel. These cities have been visited immediately after the Italian lockdown ended in May 2020 and experienced in unusual conditions. During the trip, over 14 elements including streets, architectural structures and statues have been scanned, 3D reconstructed, and redesigned for the collection. The music has been composed, played live, and recorded exclusively for this project by Raoul Battilani – a musician of the VivaVerba group.

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Dark Classic – Palermo – Simone Vezzani – NFT Digital Art