Zabriskie Point

By Tycho

Edition of 35

Tycho is the audio visual project of Scott Hansen, aka ISO50

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California – 36.419798, -116.824257 There is a primordial energy to the pastel colored forms jutting up from the floor of Death Valley, as if a snapshot from the birth of our world. There is a calm that arises here, as if some primitive part of myself is closer to home. This music is about seeing through the unknown to receive the message hidden within. 2112 – My favorite Rush album, address where Epoch was recorded and a palindrome.

Scott Hansen has spent the past two decades creating visual art as ISO50 and music as Tycho. You can think of ISO50 as an operating system and Tycho as a product of the process design within that system. His portfolio – – offers a lens into the past, present and future of TYCHO : ISO50. Tycho has long been drawn to the intersection of sound and imagery and has spent his career creating work that seamlessly melds the two. His first NFT collection – Element – showcases his multifaceted ability to channel memories and environments through unreleased musical compositions and animations. Tycho has twice received Grammy nominations for Best Dance/Electronic album while under the ISO50 moniker has received many accolades including the FWA award. Photography, design and music by Scott Hansen. Animations in collaboration with Michael McAfee.

Both a created art and design work under the name ISO50. Tycho, crafting not only the music but the visual aspects as well, from album covers to concert posters. Previously a freelance graphic designer. Scott Hansen tells us “The technology was what I was interested in, that was a gateway for me. My visual work always held more weight because I felt like I was more practiced at it.”

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Zabriskie Point – NFT Digital Art by Tycho