Karma Chameleon

By WhIsBe

Edition of 1239

WhIsBe’s mysterious vandal gummy mugshots began appearing on the streets of Brooklyn in 2013 as wheatpastes and murals. Fast forward to 2020 and you can see 6 figure 7 ft sculptures all over the world, in museums and public spaces, including in the lobby of the World Trade Center in NYC. The image is now infamous for collaborations with brands such as Coach and events like Burning Man and Coachella. He has sold out booths at major art fairs and is a staple of Art Basel week in Miami. In addition to being featured at major art fairs, he also often does hotel, restaurant and club takeovers. To put his explosive career into perspective, collecting WhIsBe now is like collecting KAWS five years ago.

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Karma Chameleon – By WhIsBe – NFT Digital Art