721 – NFT

By x0r

Released Apr 17, 2021

Collection – For Those Who Know by x0r

Edition of 21

x0r is an alias for programmer and magician Michael Blau. x0r explores creating code-generated ASCII art and digital illusions. The XOR or “Exclusive Or” bitwise operation is a critical operation used in ciphers and the field of cryptography, and NFTs are essentially cryptographically verified ownership of artwork.

Every NFT conforms to the ERC-721 standard. ERC-721 is a defined interface of functions and data structures that smart contracts must implement, or inherit from, to be considered a Non-Fungible Token. “721” fills the letters “NFT” with the actual Solidity function definitions and implementations specified in the ERC-721 standard.

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721 – By x0r – NFT Digital Art