By Zach Hsieh – ZH Comic Art – ZHC

Edition of 51

Released Mar 10, 2021

Collection – Critters Open Edition by Zach Hsieh – ZHC

Zach Hsieh
Self-taught artist and philanthropist Zach Hsieh, aka ZHC, runs one of the largest channels on YouTube amassing over 20 million subscribers. Zach takes the meaning of the word “creator” to another level, using pencils, paints and inks to create dazzling designs on just about anything, ranging from traditional canvases, to the newest iPhone, and even on a brand new Tesla. Originally from San Jose, CA, Zach began filming art tutorials, challenges (“Drawing for 10 Hours Straight!”) and vlogs with his girlfriend Michelle. As the popularity of ZHC skyrocketed, Zach began incorporating wild philanthropy into his videos with giveaways and contests like “Customizing Everything In An Apple Store, Then Giving It Away” and “Last To Stop Customizing Gets Tesla!”. Now as a staple in the YouTube community, Zach has collaborated with fellow juggernaut creators like MrBeast, James Charles, and Charli D’Amelio consistently releasing viral hit after hit. Zach’s eye-popping content is both hilarious and inspiring, making him one of the best creators for an entire family to enjoy.

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