What is Nifty Gateway? And why are we mentioning them.

Nifty Gateway, also known as Nifty, is a digital art auction website for non-fungible token (NFT) art and is owned by the awesome Winklevoss Twins who are famous for influencing our future, especially in the decentralized realm. Nifty Gateway has sold NFTs by Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, Grimes, and other world-renowned NFT artists. Nifty has revolutionized the digital crypto art industry by eliminating the need to use cryptocurrency to purchase NFT Digital Art.

In order to protect their art buyers and investors, Nifty has gone to great lengths to ensure that only the top, most sought-after digital crypto artists are featured on their site. Nifty is one of our favorite sites for Super Rare and Exclusive NFT Drops. Another pro to Nifty’s Digital Art Marketplace is that, due to the mega-star artists and the clientele that they attract, the art featured on Nifty experiences higher demand and commands a premium price. Nifty also features a tool that allows you to display your digital NFT art on your wall frame or tv. With the Nifty Gateway Display, you can now display all your beautiful Nifties in your own home like DotPigeon. The Digital Crypto future is here. Soon you will see digital art on the walls of homes including your own.

Many of the Digital Art NFTs in our gallery originated from Nifty. The cool thing about NFT Art purchased from Nifty is that is can be sold on Nifty Gateway (Nifty) and other NFT Marketplaces. NFT Art purchased from other NFT Crypto – Digital Art Marketplaces cannot be sold on Nifty. Only NFT Art purchased on Nifty can be sold on Nifty. If you have any questions about the origination of any of the NFT Digital Art on our website, please let us know.

What makes the NFT Art Gallery Different?

The NFT Art Gallery provides a Full-Service NFT Art Purchase Experience. We eliminate common barriers to digital and crypt art purchases like setting up a crypto wallet to store your NFT art and the actual purchase and transfer of Your NFT Art to your private crypto wallet. Our goal is to make purchasing NFT Digital – Crypto Art as easy as ordering a pizza. We want to reduce the learning curve, barriers to entry and amplify the pace of NFT Art reaching the masses and becoming mainstream.

We take care of the entire NFT Purchase process, regardless of your NFT/crypto knowledge, the experience is built to be quick and stress-free. All you need to do to start the process is select the NFT you want to buy, click on the Purchase NFT link, provide your info and/or message, and a member of our team will promptly contact you and securely conduct the NFT Art transaction, including guiding you through setting up your crypto wallet (if needed) and securely transferring your newly acquired NFT to your wallet. We accept USD, credit and the top cryptocurrencies for payment. The NFT Art Gallery’s goal is to make the most awesome NFT Art available to the masses in the quickest and most stress-free fashion possible.

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