By CB Hoyo & Plan X Gallery

Collection – What We Will We do Once The Hype is Over?

“F#CK” the most versatile word in the English language.

Edition of 99

Released – Jul 11, 2021

Plan X Art Gallery presents: CB Hoyo

CB Hoyo (1995, Havana, Cuba) is a European-based artist whose career has been steadily rising since 2017. CB Hoyo’s art addresses topics that are usually thought of by many but spoken by a few: the impact of social media, consumerism, moral values, the human condition, among others. The Cuban self-taught artist finds in text art the path to developing his artistic voice and understanding of life. CB Hoyo works between Instagram, the virtual realm, and his studio in Europe to create new dimensions where consciousness and art become a universal language. After an intense year dedicated to research and experimentation, CB Hoyo’s presents at Plan X Milan his latest solo show “WHAT WILL WE DO ONCE THE HYPE IS OVER?” opening on the 12/07/2021 simultaneously with his first Nifty Gateway drop.

CB Hoyo
For this exhibition CB Hoyo brings together new artworks that invite viewers to project their own interpretations and raise essential questions about how hype culture, flippers, rampant speculation, consumerism, and materiality affect the art world and our daily lives. The fleeting nature of time, symbols, and icons of contemporary society inspire his new collection out of their original context to look at them through a unique and critical perspective. The paintings, sculptures, and installations, created through deep research, both material and conceptual, address the eye of a discerning collector who is open to provocation and discussion. They also raise awareness about the artificially established commercial value of artworks and the propensity to use works of art as speculative investments.

Plan X
Plan X is an unconventional contemporary art gallery based between the magical Capri island and the city of Milan. In an era characterized by individualism, Plan X Art Gallery establishes itself on the contemporary art market with the mission of continuing to research, support, and represent artists from all over the world trying to enhance their artistic production in the best possible way. At the base of every choice there are incessant curatorial, aesthetic and conceptual studies. Plan X approaches art with an unusual perspective, through which artists often assume the power and freedom of conveying provocative messages, use unusual materials and represent discordant realities, placing the observer in a condition of attention and thus leading him to overcome his visual and ideological limits. Everything that happens at Plan X happens outside of any comfort zone.

NFT Art Gallery is excited to welcome CB Hoyo for his debut release! The release features 4 artworks centered around popular themes in the NFT space and crypto world. We are also thrilled that Plan X Art Gallery is part of the collection. Welcome!

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CB Hoyo & Plan X Gallery – F#CK YOU – NFT – Digital Art