Released – Apr 1, 2021
Collection – DIGITAL RENAISSANCE Packs by Klarens Malluta
Klarens Malluta is a self-taught Visual Artist, creating something new everyday, since 2017. Being in the fourth year of everydays, his goal is to make 10+ years of everydays, to make his work more valuable in the future. His style is considered retro-futuristic, vaporwave, glitchy and trippy, but he likes to explore and create subjective creations that can make you feel something. Some clients that can be mentioned are : Adobe, Ultra Music, Dj Snake, Nike, XXXTentacion, Galantis and many more.
The purpose of this collection is to challenge pre-existing notions in the art community rather than to make a statement:
What is “real” art?
Is anything original?
Can traditional and digital art coexist?
Should an artwork inherently have meaning?
When I look at digital artworks, I think that a large portion of them can be considered “remixes”. On the surface level, most 3D artists use resources like premade models, figures, and textures to create the artworks the community sees and loves. But more deeply, even the artists that produce completely original works are still creating remixes of their own experiences, beliefs, and truths. In the same vein, I am thankful for this opportunity to remix a few of the most famous paintings from the renaissance period in my own style and immortalize them on the blockchain.
Until recently, only traditional art has been seen as “real” or “authentic” art in the eyes of many. But with the emergence of NFTs, digital art can no longer be ignored as legitimate pieces of artworks. This begs the question: “Can digital art coexist with traditional art?”
Another point of contention in the art sphere is attaching meaning to the artworks that you create or see. Should an artist always attach meaning to their artworks? And when it comes to delivering the meaning, should we use words that are limited and static to describe a world that is vibrant and dynamic? I would argue absolutely not. Just like artists create remixes, collectors and viewers of artworks also remix their own meaning through their personal experiences. I believe that the meaning of an artwork is the experiences and feelings that one gets when looking at it. These are elements that no words in a description could ever capture.
With that in mind, the specific pieces in my collection do not have any attached meaning from me. The whole collection is about challenging preconceived notions and shattering the barriers of “meaning” and “originality” in the digital art world.
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$1100 - Price Subject to Change

Glitch Girl 404 – NFT Art by Klarens Malluta – 70