Crystalized Crypto Dynasty was created to celebrate the 1st era of staking in Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA, which will occur on October 27, 2022. Fvck Crystals from my collection and other works by Fvckrender, inspired this community-generated art creation. I paired it with music I created years ago on an 808 to produce a next level aesthetically pleasing experience. Fvckrender inspired, community generated NFT art by Free-HY.

LVCIDIA Staking Celebration – Fvck Crystal Inspired NFT Art by Free-HY

This NFT collection celebrates the new era of staking in Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA, which will occur on October 27, 2022, with community-generated art inspired by Fvck Crystals from Free-HY’s personal collection.

Ohio native Richard Scheufler, otherwise known as NFT Art Gallery and Free-HY, has always focused on amping up positive energy, bringing happiness to those around him, and making the world a better place. He has been creating music and art for over 20 years as Free-HY.

“Many years ago, I was listening to a track I just created on the 808 while crawling along slowly in a traffic jam. I passed an old man leaning against a tree. When he heard my music, he was infused with energy and started dancing. He received a free, natural high and the name Free-HY was born. I strive to capture the same magic in my art as I do in my music. I focus on the aesthetics of the art. If done well, just like in music, aesthetics have the power to provide a free high to the viewer.”

Free-HY pairs his music with his art to create an experience that transports the viewer and elevates the mood.

25% of proceeds from this drop and a portion of all future primary and secondary sales will be donated to the Marketing Foundation’s NFT Artist Boost Initiative, marketing and advising Digital/NFT artists to help them break through and level up.

The Marketing Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. 25% of the purchase price will be tax-deductible.

Learn more about The Marketing Foundation:

Free-HY got his start in digital art creating logos for clients of the marketing agency he founded. Drawing on his experience as a collector and adviser in the Web3/NFT space, he has created HODLNOMICs to reward the most loyal holdlers. This includes unannounced wallet snapshots, airdrops, and next level utility/events. The faithful will be rewarded.

Together, We Build The Future <> LFGGG💗🔥🚀


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